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GIG Economy Exchange on the Blockchain - coming soon!

A P2P access to freelancer services, outsourcing, free messaging and zero-fee transfers, powered by blockchain and smart contracts. is meant as the first major service on SaaS blockchain VPLedger and will be a one-stop shop for freelancers and the gig economy. 

The jobs marketplace will be fully integrated with a crowdfunding platform, a crypto exchange, and JOYY, our native stablecoin for payments. It will provide everything a gig economy worker needs.

Six years ago Ronny Boesing founded OpenLedger ApS. Since then, the company has been at the forefront of the blockchain movement. We built a crypto exchange, then a decentralised exchange, then used our expertise to create a platform for custom blockchain development. The result was, which has offered supply chain solutions to Fortune 500 companies and created pioneering tools and technology on the BitShares blockchain.

Now, it’s time to take our technology, expertise and insights from the last six years and bring them to the next stage in this world-changing movement.

OpenLedger.One will be the culmination of everything we have learned about blockchain and business. Hosted on an enterprise-first blockchain – the high-speed, scalable and compliant VPLedger – it will be a freelance jobs marketplace with all the services needed to enable frictionless use. 

OpenLedger will be a one-stop shop for freelancers and the gig economy. The jobs marketplace will be fully integrated with a crowdfunding platform, a crypto exchange, and JOYY, our native stablecoin for payments. It will provide everything a gig economy worker needs, all in the same place. Everything you need to be a successful freelancer in the global jobs marketplace.

With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting global movement and employment, and catalysing new working patterns, it seems likely that a significant proportion of future work will be carried out online – making this the perfect time to introduce OpenLedger.One. Moreover, this is precisely the time for everyone to take charge and do all they can to shape their own futures. With OpenLedger.One, you will have all the tools you need to ensure your ongoing success, with safety and security included by default. 

We’re providing powerful, joined up services. Once you’re on OpenLedger, you won’t need to look elsewhere. It will all be there at your fingertips, and the more businesses and users who join, the more valuable the network will become to its users.

VPLedger is already available in alpha. Anyone can register and use the built-in free messaging facility, as well as enjoying zero-fee transfers to other users once they have acquired VPL tokens to send. Because VPLedger’s key features are almost ready, we also expect fast development for OpenLedger.

I’d love you to sign up for free, become an early adopter of the new VPLedger blockchain, and support the OpenLedger.One Kickstarter campaign.


Custom Blockchain Development

Custom Blockchain Development at highest level of service, expertise, and flexibility combined with great prices, makes it a win-win situation to enter into contract with Danish Blockchain Services and its partners.


Ronny Boesing worked with Dan Larimer, who launched the BitShares blockchain platform, and his own team developed OL DEX - a decentralised exchange and its white label solutions hosted on the BitShares network. 

Ronny Boesing now has a dispersed team of over 50 blockchain experts behind him. Within the last two years the team has established contracts with two Fortune 500 companies. 

In July 2019 they took part in an accelerator program organised by major telecoms provider Etisalat UAE. This led to a request alongside 25 other blockchain companies to tender a solution for DHL courier service. 

The team ultimately won the competition. 

BMW had previously provided a solution for DHL, but based on one of our own products,, and the work of the top three team members over a nine-week intensive program, DHL was able to obtain an improved solution ready for implementation using IoT and blockchain. 

This success also enabled a formal partnership with Etisalat to develop.


VPLedger - The world's first SaaS blockchain compliant by default coming soon is hosted on the VPLedger blockchain. You’ll even register using the blockchain and confirm your identity there to gain full access (even if your log-in gateway to OpenLedger is via your Google, LinkedIn or Facebook profile, for convenience). Which means KYC (Know Your Customer) and anti-money laundering regulations can be met by default – removing a massive barrier to use.

So how does blockchain enable this, and why is it such a big deal?

Blockchain is a database, a bit like the databases regular freelancer platforms are built on. But there are some critical differences. Once you’ve recorded information to the VPLedger blockchain, it can’t be deleted or altered, only updated. There’s a permanent record that can be checked by anyone. And, while individuals’ privacy is protected, everyone is identified by a unique string of characters they can choose, so your real-world identity or email can’t be linked to your account if you don’t want it to be.

VPLedger operates on a ‘one user, one account’ model, so any feedback and reputation ratings become part of a freelancer or employer’s permanent record – no one can game the system and start from scratch with a new identity if they receive unfavourable feedback.

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Ronny Boesing is supporting a full ecosystem of blockchain services for businesses.

The creator and founder

My name is Ronny Boesing and I am the  founder and CEO of OpenLedger ApS and Danish Blockchaín Services ApS, supporting a full ecosystem of blockchain services for businesses including a white label decentralized exchange, custom blockchain development and media related support. 

I was closely involved at the beginning of the blockchain movement. I started out back in early 2014, when few people even knew about Bitcoin or blockchain. That was an exciting time and it quickly became clear to me that blockchain would provide powerful and much-needed solutions to problems in the music industry, financial sector and far beyond, by connecting users directly without the need for any middlemen or the fees they charge.

Watch an overview of my journey in the blockchain space and find out what VPLedger and OpenLedger will bring to their users.


More recently, I’ve launched the VPLedger network: a blockchain designed specifically for the demands of small- and medium-sized businesses, providing them with a framework for financial operations and streamlining business processes. 

Since VPLedger was built from the ground up for enterprises, we’ve directly addressed the key problems of previous blockchains, including slow speeds, limited capacity and a lack of compliance. In short, VPLedger provides everything businesses need to move critical processes onto the blockchain, saving them time and money.

As a showcase for what VPLedger can do, and its first major use case, we’re building the OpenLedger freelancer app on the VPLedger platform.


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